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I’m turning 25! Woo! My birthday weekend starts now.
I’m celebrating my making homemade creme brulee and going out dancing with my friends tonight. Let the quarter life dance crisis begin! 

I’m turning 25! Woo! My birthday weekend starts now.

I’m celebrating my making homemade creme brulee and going out dancing with my friends tonight. Let the quarter life dance crisis begin! 

Jackie and Anji came over last night to learn about bike repair in exchange for a yoga lesson. Since Anji is a rad local musician (Check out her bandcamp here!), she played guitar and sang while Jackie taught a yoga class targeting upper body and core strength. Opie, the frenchie I live with, even join us for a few poses, primarily down dog and upward dog. :) 

I taught them a few basic diagnostic checks for bikes and how to maintain the most important parts (wheels, brakes, drivetrain). We overhauled Anji’s front hub, adjusted both brakes, and ran a new rear brake cable. 

I had such a good time! I’m definitely going to organize more skill shares this spring.

(Robyn, if you’re reading this, I hope you can make it next time!)  

Does that mean I’m taking this relationship to a new level? If I’m signed up for a monthly commitment, I’m going to say so. 

I’m glad my body doesn’t hate me. How did I not notice that?! Oops.

You passed away this weekend and I’m upset that I didn’t take the time to reach out to you better before. I’ve let my transition act as a barrier to knowing you because I’m not ready to have those hard conversations about the changes in my life with the family. I’ve ran from the subject by avoiding contact completely. When people say to me, I’m sorry to hear that your grandmother passed away I can only respond with “She had been sick for the past year and had been in and out of the hospital after she broke her hip. We knew that the day would come and I’m thankful that she’s at rest now.” I think what I really want to say is, I should have been closer with her before she passed. She never got to know the real me. You were an endearing, snarky, firecracker of a grandma. I love you and you will be missed. 

Frankosaurus won the JP Dog Costume Contest on Saturday! He’s a lil’ handsome devil weighing in at only 13 lbs at 4.5 months old. 

Mallory is getting a Frenchie in September and I’m revving up for it by petting every small dog I come across. Let’s be real, it’s going to be a little asshole. But it’ll be the cutest little asshole. 

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I’m safe. I had just biked to work when the explosions went off in Copley. I didn’t hear or see anything, but my roommate was just mere blocks away and felt the blasts. I’m thankful to hear that my friends and loved ones are safe and that so many people reached out earlier in the day. Sorry I was at work and I wasn’t the most responsive. I didn’t mean to worry anyone.

I’m just looking at photos of the finish line now and it’s turning my stomach to see the carnage. I biked the marathon route last night at midnight and now it just feels surreal to look at the same spot I stood on just hours beforehand. It has been a crazed day. I wish we had closed the bakery as soon as we heard what happened. It’s hard to read the recaps now since I spent most of the afternoon and evening not knowing how serious the explosions really were. Even amongst the chaos, it’s good to know that over 2,000 people offered a place to sleep for displaced marathon participants within an hour of it happening. 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Tell me about your most favorite summer. What made it so special?
djohnstone djohnstone Said:

Summer 2011, excluding my monthlong trip to the Netherlands. I was actually pretty bummed out in Holland since the study abroad experience didn’t quite live up to my expectations. 

I took a ton of photos with a disposable camera that summer, started going on bike dates with friends, rode in a few Critical Masses, fell in love with a really amazing woman, learned a bunch from working on a food truck, and swam in Turtle Pond for the first time. I have rather nostalgic memories from it. When September came around, I really didn’t want it to end.

Right as I stuck myself, my leg spazzed and I panicked. I probably could have reacted better to that situation. Meh, let’s hope that doesn’t happen next time…

I just realized that I missed The Food Project’s Summer Program deadline for Crew Leaders because I mixed up the due dates with the Crew Workers by two months. Such an oversight on my part and such a disappointment.

I really want to work with another advocacy organization that is has a solid youth program! I’m bummed that they just fell off my list for potential employers for this year. Maybe next summer? 

shaving off my peach fuzz for the first time

shaving off my peach fuzz for the first time

GPOY from the Artists for Humanity Giveaway

Photo Cred: Cynthia Ginnetti, AFH

4 months on T. nuff said.

<start rant>

I’m frustrated with

… my job search prospects

… feeling discontent after an interview

… my right arm still hurting after three weeks

… conflicting interests

</end rant>